About Us

Welcome to Ventura Jewelry! We are a Miami-based jewelry store with more than 25 years of
experience, and great recognition in the market because of the exceptional quality and
exclusivity of our jewelry, which reflect the passion that characterizes our brand.

Here you can find a wide selection of jewelry for the entire family. From bracelets, chains,
rings, luxury watches or earrings to our famous Cuban Fashion, exclusive Cuban chains with
stunning closures which we are confident will capture your attention from the first moment.

Additionally, you’ll find the following services: gold buying, jewelry repair, personalized
jewelry design, and financing with or without credit. Our goal is to provide our clients with
the finest experience possible.

What Makes Ventura Jewelry Different?

- We provide first-class customer service and personalized advice to help our clients
choose the jewelry pieces that suit them bes

- Our core values are honesty and transparency. Because of this, we appreciate and
respect each of our clients.

- We offer a guarantee for our products so that our clients can always feel protected and
confident that they are taking home the finest jewelry to flaunt.

We invite you to live the greatest experience with us. With the attention to detail that makes
you shine, we are the Miami-based jewelry store you’ve been looking for. Don’t miss out and
discover everything we have for you!